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Niue is situated in Polynesia in the southwest Pacific Ocean at latitude 19' south and longitude 169' west. It is approximately 480 km east of Tonga, 930 km west of Rarotonga and 660 km south-east of Samoa. Niue is situated right in the middle of the tropics and this explains the climate to be tropical.

There are two distinct seasons in Niue, the hot, wet season from November to April, and the cool, dry season from May to October.The hot season is also the hurricane season. Most of the rainfall occurs during the hot season, often in torrential downpours.At this time, the temperature and humidity are high, the average temperature is 27° Celsius and the average rainfall is 240 millimetres. In contrast the cool season is characterised by warm sunny days and cool nights, with a mean temperature of 24°Celsius and much lower rainfall of 100 millimetres. The average annual rainfall for Niue is 2000 millimetres of rainfall and the average annual temperature is 26°Celsius.

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