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Poverty Indicators

Summary of the Niue Poverty Line Calculations

NZ$ 2002 prices perPovertyHardship
Capita per Week    
Purchasing Power Parity Poverty Line US$1/day US$2/day
(PPPPL) $26.50 $53.00
Food Poverty Line 2100Cal/day 3000Cal/day
(FPL) $33.70 $42.50
Basic Needs Poverty Line Minimal BN Sufficient BN
(BNPL) $55.00 $86.00
Relative Poverty Line 50% of Median Lowest Quintile
(RPL) $103.30 $133.50

Summary of the Niue Population to Water, Sanitation and Land

  Urban Rural Total
Share of poorest quintile     0.60%
in national consumption      
Access to safe sustainable access *100% *100% *100%
to improved drinking water (% population)      
Proportion of population *100% *99.94% *99.96%
with access to improved sanitation      
Proportion of households     *100%
with access to secure tenure (owned or rented)    

Note: Total Household Expenditure is used to measure the national consumption

* - Niue Census of Population and Housing 2001

Source: Statistics Niue

Summary of findings of the Poverty Analysis for Niue based on the HIES 2002

· No households fell below the absolute poverty line of US$1/day.

· All households had total per capita expenditure above the food poverty line.

· Almost all households had sufficient income to meet their daily costs-of-living for both food and other essential expenditure.

Poverty Hardship 
Poverty Measure % Households % Population % Households % Population
Purchasing Power Parity Poverty Line (PPPPL) 0% 0% * *
Food Poverty Line (FPL) 0% 0% * *
Basic Needs Poverty Line (BNPL) * * 8% 13%
Relative Poverty Line (RPL) 14% 15% 20% 24%

Around 14 percent of households fall below 50% of median per-capita expenditure.

An estimated 8 percent of households spent less than was considered sufficient to meet both essential and discretionary expenditures.

On average higher spending households have twice the income and spend twice as much as lower spending households.

Household ExpenditureHousehold Income
1st Quintile $6,950 $6,500
2nd Quintile $9,400 $8,000
Median $10,750 $10,100
3rd Quintile $12,100 $11,900
4th Quintile $16,500 $17,350

There were differences in the gender of householder, location of household, and number of children and workers of households in the lowest expenditure quintile (20%) compared to higher quintiles.

Gender of HouseholderHigher Quintiles%Lowest Quintile%Total%
Males< 329 81 55 55 384 76
Females 75 19 45 45 120 24
Total 404 100 100 100 504 100

Source: Statistics Niue - census of population


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