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Fakaalofa lahi atu and Welcome

Message from the Government Statistician and Webmaster, Mr KimRay VAHAGs_Niue

Fakaalofa lahi atu and Welcome to the Statistics Niue Office Website, the official statistics agency of the Government of Niue.

The main purpose of this website is to help serve the goal and objectives of the Statistics Niue office an that is “To deliver (production and dissemination of) accurate and timely statistical information which meets the needs of the key users of the information, including the Government, Private Sector, General Public of Niue, (and International Statistical Agencies)” and in particularly realising the "Vision" of the Government of Niue in building a "Prosperous Niue - Niue ke Monuina".

small_map_niueStatistics Niue, as one of the smallest statistical office in the region has come a long way as a service provider regarding statistical information. Although the office has experienced problems that are beyond its control, in particular staff number and services recognition, it continues to maintain a steady progress in its operation to ensure the services it is providing meet the needs of its users. 

As the demand for statistical information from national, regional and international communities increases, this places very high challenge to the Statistics Niue office, especially where its outputs need to be made available to a wider audience and in a timely manner. Now that the office has its own Internet website, it will ensure that the site is well maintained and making its outputs accessible on-line as soon as they become officially available.

The site contains the latest statistics compiled by Statistics Niue and covers various subject matters of interest. It also contains a number of reports that the office assist in its production. These statistics were collected from the numerous Censuses and Surveys conducted by the office as well as Administrative Records compiled by other Departments and other International Agencies. 

Information will continuously be updated with the latest statistics once they are officially released. As one might think, that Statistics essentially is 'information" and if information is 'power', hence 'statistics is power' - the power for its users to 'measure' i.e to evaluate, asses, and monitor progress. For if it cannot be measured, it cannot be managed!! 

To all the users of this website - as the Statistics Niue office strives to ensure your needs are met through this website. Your comments and feedback by filling and returning our 'feedback form' or contact us through the office's email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Fakaaue lahi mahaki, kia monuina.


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