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CPI Metadata


Statistics Niue (SN) the national statistics office of Niue is responsible for the collection, processing
and dissemination of Niue Consumer Price Index and calculation of the Core inflation. Part of these
responsibilities of SN is the issuing of metadata used to produce the CPI and the quality checks and
other consistency checks are done in the processing of the data.
The compilation of the Niue Consumer Price Index was based on the methodology and guidelines
stipulated in the United Nations International Labour Office (ILO) Consumer Price Index Manual:
Theory and Practices (2004), the United Nations Systems of National Accounts 1993 and the United
Nations Practical Guide To Producing Consumer Price Indices (2009).


  • About the Data
  • Dissemination of the Data

2.1 About the Data

2.1.1. Concepts/Definitions

Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures changes in the prices of goods and services
that households consume. Such changes affect the real purchasing power of
consumers‟ incomes and their welfare. As the prices of different goods and
services do not all change at the same rate, a price index can only reflect their
average movement. (ILO Consumer Price Index Manual: Theory and Practices
(2004), p1)
Core inflation is defined as the rate of change of headline CPI. It aims to capture
the permanent component of the inflationary process that can be influenced by
government relevant policy. In principle, headline inflation, which refers to the
rate of change in the overall CPI, aims to capture changes in peoples‟ cost of
living based on the movements of the average price of a specified basket of
commodities and services consumed by a typical Niuean household. Core
inflation serves as a useful complement to headline inflation by providing
information about the long-term direction of consumer price movements and
serving as an indicator of future inflation.

2.1.2. Unit of Measure

The CPI is expressed in points and the inflation rate is expressed in percent.

2.1.3. Reference Period

The initial reference period for the new Niue Consumer Price Index was 1990
(=100 points) and was revised in 2000 to account for the changes of the
commodities in the „CPI basket‟, and was further rebased in 2003 (=100 points)
after the 2002 Household Income and Expenditure.

2.1.4. Coverage/Scope

The “CPI basket” contains commodities that make up these broad groups:

  • Food
  • Tobacco and Alcohol
  • Household Operations
  • Housing
  • Clothing and Fabrics
  • Transport and Communications
  • Miscellaneous

The commodity prices are collected from thirty(30) in-country outlets. Most of them
are privately owned and operated with a few owned by government and they were
located in the capital or main center Alofi. A number of prices of certain
commodities are brought over from Statistics New Zealand. These products are
bought by consumers from New Zealand that are generally not sold elsewhere in

2.1.5. Limitations

One of the noticeable limitations of the CPI was the exclusion of the prices of
small outlets in the villages where consumer also purchased the same
Core inflation is computed at the national level only.

2.1.6. Source and Frequency of Data
Source of data
CPI and core inflation is derived from unadjusted/original data generated
from prices of commodities collected from selected outlets.
Frequency of conduct
CPI and core inflation is computed/generated quarterly.

2.2. Dissemination of the data

2.2.1. Periodicity of dissemination
Published every quarter.

2.2.2 Mode and Schedule of Dissemination.
Format/Mode Schedule for the current year

  • Hard copy

Statistical release: Seven to fourteen days after the reference month

  • Electronic

E-mail: Seven to fourteen days after the reference month
Website: Seven to fourteen days after the reference month (The office is
experiencing problems uploading information to the web server hence
this option is unavailable).

2.2.3 How to Access

A release on the Quarterly CPI and core inflation is posted at the NSO website
( This contains summary tables on the
CPI and core inflation. Copies of the release can also be download from the same
website or obtained by request from the Statistics Niue Office, Fale Gahua
Fakatufono Niue.


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